Name: Ampersand Felidae
Species: cat
Gender: male

Ampersand is a moody and thoughtful young feline who is Phasia's best friend. He also happens to be a child of the nobility in their world, but has become estranged from his family since a scandal involving Bob put an end to his political career almost before it had begun. Ampersand's belief in equality for the lower classes in the city-state in which he lives is the crux of his divisive agenda, and the cause of his disgrace and subsequent dismissal from the political arena. His heart and intentions, however, are pure, and, wishing not to cause his family any more shame, he left home of his own accord to become a working-class citizen.
His days have been spent working and his nights studying and writing as he tries to keep his goals in sight... Caring for both himself and Phasia, however, proves to be a little more than he can handle and he begins to slip into despondency from which even Phasia doesn't seem to be able to shake him. His mother, Elipsa, also tries to convince him to come back home, but Ampersand is determined to fend for himself... perhaps to prove himself in the eyes of his parents... or maybe just in his own eyes.