Name: Bob
Species: ?
Gender: male?

Bob is the most mysterious member of the Untitled! cast... mostly because he's invisible. Only Phasia and Snitter really seem to trust him; the others regard him with a healthy suspicion.
Bob is an interdimensional traveler who left his home in search of knowledge and adventure. He soon discovered Phasia's world, where he became friends with her and Ampersand. He even managed to get involved in Ampersand's sociopolitical quest for class equality, and, as a result, got himself banned from that world. Of course, it wasn't as if anybody could stop him from returning. As he traveled further, a subspace anomaly caught his attention and led him to Twapa. In doing a little background research on her before making contact, Bob learned of X-I. In an ill-advised attempt to set things right with Phasia's world he struck a deal with Zirrus which would later lead to far more trouble than he had anticipated. \ Bob then began to frequent Twap and Snitter's home, forming a friendship with the two. When Twapa tried to get Bob to help her end her own life, however, Bob realised that things were getting out of hand, and so he helped lead Xe to rescue her.
He later became a sort of "Deus ex Machina" when Twap and co. were fleeing from Zirrus' security forces in the X-I facility, which, of course, led to the revelation that he had been working with Zirrus all along. Bob, realising now that Zirrus was bent on a destructive purpose, set out with Xe to try and stop him from reaching Phasia's world. In keeping with his somewhat flighty and unpredictable tendencies, however, he soon vanished again as he felt the need to go back and make sure Phasia was alright.
Nobody doubts that Bob will show up again, though... and probably at the last minute when he's needed most!