Name: Apollo Sharp
Species: hare
Gender: male

Apollo is a friend of Erin, and also a college student...
His position in Untitled! has usually been as a convenient set of wheels since he always seemed to get stuck driving Erin and her friends to various places... Though he certainly has shared in a number of adventures, too!
Apollo used to have a crush on Erin, which she tried to quash at every turn. His romantic interest has been redirected in recent times, however, by a mysterious girlfriend he met on the internet... as a result he has kind of fallen off the map and out of the story... but though he may be out of the picture, his memory lives on as an important figure in the history of Untitled!

Note: Apollo is a character who was originally created by my friend Alex.
Alex is now married and getting a degree in Elementary Education from IPFW.
Last known internet location: Alex's old website.