Name: Erin Ruadh
Species: red fox
Gender: female

Like Twapa and Snitter, Erin grew up without the benefit of a normal family, landing in a childrens' home when she was a young child. She's turned out much more well-adjusted however, and usually ends up playing the role of "mom" to her two best friends.
Erin tries to live a normal life, devoting much of her time to music and her studies... however the antics of her friends have altered the course of her life drastically, and she often finds herself in the midst of a whirlwind of action that doesn't really have much to do with her at all.
However Erin is not entirely averse to risk-taking herself... as evidenced by her devoted (if at times somewhat tenuous) relationship with Misha, a dashing but rather shy arctic fox who is Fiar's personal bodyguard and best friend.
First appearance.