Name: Ciaran (Keer) Kangaroorat
Species: kangaroo rat
Gender: male

Ciaran was sort of the "middle child" in his family... His father is a preacher, and his mother a very concered and loving one, but nevertheless Keer grew up feeling a little like the odd-man-out. As a teenager he didn't have much success at anything, (least of all relationships) and this left him bitter to the point that he completely rejected the faith he had been brought up with at home, and left to seek his own life.
Keer managed to set himself up in a city in the heart of middle-america, and led a rather dismal existance delivering flowers by day and hanging out in goth clubs at night. That is, until he met Xe. Caring for Xe helped to turn Ciaran's life around and bring him out of his shell of self-pity.
Keer is a very passionate and jealous person, and stubborn, too! This leads to a lot of conflict between him and Twap, whose strong personality clashes greatly with his. The fact that she develops something of a romantic relationship with Xe doesn't help matters, either. Keer holds grudges, and, even after Xe leaves the picture, he and Twapa continue to spat regularly, and he tends to blame her for many of his troubles.
Ciaran is in a continual process of searching for himself, sometimes hopeful, sometimes dreading what he'll find. In the end, perhaps he can only find himself in his love for others.
First Appearance.