Name: Twapalena Kangaroorat (For proper pronunciation, see HERE.)
Species: kangaroo rat
Gender: female

Twapa is the lead protagonist of Untitled!. Twapa grew up in a childrens' home in the city of Fursdale, where she met her best friend, Erin. She had a rocky childhood, in spite of being extremely intelligent, and even "dropped out" of high school.
Later, she learned that she was the product of an experiment conducted by "X-I", a corporation run by Zirrus, and that her parents had been murdered because they knew too much about Dr. Zirrus' evil scheme.

Twapa has always been brilliant at science and mathematics, but she gave up on her "mad scientist" hobbies after learning that her proficiency in the field was the result of Zirrus' project to create the perfect scientist to work for him.
Twap is also very aggressive, and has an affinity for firearms and for getting into fights with anybody who irritates her, though she usually uses words rather than force to get herself out of tough situations.
She has struggled in the past with depression and suicidal tendencies, but with the help of her friends she has gradually learned to overcome her natural angst... of course, her friends also tend to be the CAUSE of her angst, too...
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