Name: Timmi Kangaroorat
Species: kangaroo rat
Gender: male

Timmi is a sensitive soul, always looking for an opportunity to do good. He is extremely intuitive an perceptive, though this is tempered with such an innocent and trusting nature that he might be thought of as an easy target for deception. But, fortunately, Timmi has his brother Tommi looking out for him, playing the role of a voice of skepticism in Timmi's incuribly optimistic world.
Timmi has little memory of his early childhood. He and Tommi spent most of their youth in foster homes, and can't even recall a time when this was not the case. Still, dreams, strange coincidences, and nagging doubts pursue the two, causing them to wonder about their origins. Timmi holds in his heart a hope that, somewhere, his mother might still be alive and searching for him, but he is almost fearful of what the truth may be...