Name: Tommi Kangaroorat
Species: kangaroo rat
Gender: male

Tommi is the twin brother of Timmi. Life has not been easy for him, between looking out for his disabled brother and dealing with the troubles of trying to lead a normal life when one has no real family and has been passed back and forth between many homes as a child... But Tommi manages alright, in fact one might almost classify him as an "average" college student. He enjoys sports and video games, like most of his peers, and he studies hard. The difference is, of course, that his life revolves so closely around his brother to the point that he probably wouldn't get along very well WITHOUT Timmi, such is the emotional and psychological bond between the two.
Tommi tends to be far more pessimistic and practical than his brother - partially out of nessecity, partially because of the wear-and-tear of life. He isn't an unpleasant person, but tends to be a little more reserved and less outgoing than Timmi.