Name: Zirrus Longtail
Species: long-tailed weasel
Gender: male

Zirrus is the ruthless and calculating head of Xheotris Industries, a company which, under the front of a legitimate medical research and development business, conducts secret (and often illegal) experiments for anybody with the money and lack of scruples to fund it. Zirrus, however, is the ultimate drving force behind X-I, and many of the projects are the result of his personal agenda.
Zirrus has two children, Xe and Idria, with whom his relationship is, at best, indifferent. When they were young children Zirrus had them both placed in a program designed to create super-efficient spies and assassins.
His life's work, however, has revolved around Twapa, who he genetically engineered to be a super-genius. When it seemed that his experiment with Twap was going awry, however, Zirrus turned to an alternate plan: To create a multitude of clones of Twapa which he could manipulate, control, and train as he saw fit. This plan backfired, however, when Twap found out about the clones and led them in a rebellion against Zirrus and X-I. Cutting his losses, Zirrus retreated to another facility... taking with him the research notes he had stolen from Twapa which would enable him to discover the secrets of interdimensional travel.