Name: Elipsa Felidae
Species: cat
Gender: female

Elipsa is the mother of Ampersand, who is her only child. She is the wife of a wealthy and powerful politician in the city, and lives in an opulent mansion high on the hillside.
Unlike many rich people, however, Elipsa is not completely aloof from the plight of those less fortunate. She is a very compassionate and generous person, but opportunities to excercise these qualities are sometimes few and far between.
When she learns where her exiled son has been living, Elipsa immediately attempts to contact him and urges him to return home. He refuses, of course, but Phasia is only too eager to take Elipsa up on her offer to visit. Phasia wishes for Ampersand to be reconciled and justified every bit as much as his mother, and so the two begin to work together towards that end. In the meantime, Elipsa finds great delight in being a surrogate mother to the urchin Phasia and begins to pick up where Ampersand left off in nurturing and tutoring the kitten in the ways of their culture.