Name: Ailourophasia (Phase or Phasia, for short)
Species: cat
Gender: female

Phasia is an enigmatic creature from a paralell dimension. She posesses the ability to not only see but actually enter the dreams of others, and uses this gift to try and help those she feels drawn to... namely Twapa and co. She first appeared to Xe in an effort to assist him in saving Twapa from her suicidal tendencies, and, with assistance from Bob met with the whole group at a place in-between the worlds to give them some advice.
In her own world, Phasia is an orphan who was living on the streets - though not unhappily - until she met Ampersand, who befriended her and took her in. She tries to be helpful, but finds that there isn't much a stray kitten can do for anybody besides simply be a friend, which is what she does for Ampersand, whom she adores. She also develops a great admiration for Ampersand's mother, and tries to get her friend to reconcile with his family. Phasia seems to find her identity in others, particularly in Twapa, with whom she feels a close bond, even though they are worlds apart.