Name:Fiarlan Von Snitter (Fiar for short)
Species: hare
Gender: male

Fiar is an upbeat and fun-loving young hare who has been forced by circumstances into a position of incredible responsibility. As the ruler of the tiny kingdom of "Vulkaniceskij Zakarpa't", he must deal with dissatisfied subjects, as well as rebel uprisings which threaten to tear the country apart at the seams.
Fiar might be overwhelmed if not for the support and companionship of his closest friend and bodyguard Misha, as well as his young aide Grigory. He also enjoys the chance to get away from it all by visiting his cousin Snitter, or by playing video games and watching musical performances, much like any other young adult.
That is not to say that Fiarlan does not take his duties seriously! He cares deeply about his country and its people, and, though he sometimes doubts what good he may be doing, he is determined to see things through with all of his might, whatever the final outcome may be.
Fiar's first apearance.