Name: Meara Von Snitter (Snitter or Snits, for short)
Species: hare
Gender: female

Snitter is a cheerful and sweet- if slightly crazy- hare whom Twap and Erin are constantly worried about and trying to keep out of trouble. Ironically, their fears seem to be rather pointless, as everything always seems to work out for the best, where Snits is concerned.
Snitter was born in Austria, to the exiled royal family of the tiny kingdom of "Vulkaniceskij Zakarpa't", of which she and her cousin Fiar are two of the last remaining survivors. Unfortunately, her parents and siblings were killed in a terrible accident of which she was the sole survivor. This childhood trauma has cuased Snitter to remain in a regressive mental state even into her adulthood, retaining the mentality of a young child.
Snitter is prone to paranoia and obsessions, but most of these are fairly harmless, though sometimes alarming or perplexing to her friends. Still, Snitter seems to be generally happy, and even capable of functioning in daily life, in spite of her psychological quirks.
Snitter loves mini-muffins.
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