Name: Mikhail "Misha" Alopeksanov
Species: arctic fox
Gender: male
Misha is a sturdy and brave young fox who serves as Fiar's bodyguard and closest friend. He is idealistic, but also quite practical, and is very loyal and protective. He does have a mind of his own, though, and is not afraid to disagree with Fiar when he feels it necessary. Misha can be a little curt and suspicious at times, but for the most part he is quite good-natured and holds his friends and loved ones as the most important things in his life.
Misha was raised by his mother until her death, at which point the teenage Misha set out into the world to seek his fortune... or at least a life that would have made his mother proud. He traveled from Russia to the tiny country of "Vulkaniceskij Zakarpa't", where he soon managed to save the life of Fiarlan, who, in his gratitude, gave Misha a permanent position by his side.
While accompanying Fiar on a trip to the U.S. to visit his cousin, Misha met Erin, with whom he struck a fast friendship that soon developed into romance. Misha's sense of duty to Fiar, however, has kept him far away from his love for much of the time, placing a great strain on their relationship. Misha, however, is not daunted by distance or trouble, and believes in his heart that, one day, everything will work out right.